The Kinder Program Annual Membership (Twice Weekly)


Our kindergarten support program utilizes a hybrid model of virtual technology, videos, and physical materials (delivered to your door). This program is available once a week or twice a week.

The once a week program follows the themes of the year that teach children various topics using a variety of stories. The twice a week program follows the same themes on one day and focuses on the Alphabet on the other day of the week.

Every month we mail you a box of materials/activities/supplies for a month of learning and each week we send you a set of videos that coordinates with each lesson. We also meet via zoom once a week to go over the lessons of the week and to practice physical literacy in the form of movement videos and activities.



This program is designed to enhance and compliment your child’s learning in Kindergarten and you can find the full program description here.

Our main focus is on enhancing fine motor skills, letter recognition and building pre-math and pre-literacy skills through a variety of topics and learning experiences.

Each month you will receive a box of materials/activities/supplies for a month’s worth of learning and each week you will receive two sets of videos that coordinate with the activities.

Since this our twice a week program you will receive one set of videos that pertains to a topic and one set of videos that is specific to the letters of the alphabet.

With this program you have access to our weekly zoom sessions, The Birthday Club, and 1:1 monthly zoom sessions with Ms. MacDonald.

**This is an annual membership that gives you access to the program for 10 months and offers FREE Shipping!**


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