Our kindergarten support program utilizes a hybrid model of virtual technology, videos, and physical materials (delivered to your door). This program is available once a week or twice a week.

The once a week program follows the themes of the year that teach children various topics using a variety of stories. The twice a week program follows the same themes on one day and focuses on the Alphabet on the other day of the week.

Every month we mail you a box of materials/activities/supplies for a month of learning and each week we send you a set of videos that coordinates with each lesson. We also meet via zoom once a week to go over the lessons of the week and to practice physical literacy in the form of movement videos and activities.

Each lesson includes:
– 3 or 4 activities
– A video of Ms. MacDonald reading a story that coordinates with the lesson
– A video of Ms. MacDonald asking questions about the story
– A video of Ms. MacDonald explaining the activities

To stay connect daily, we utilize an app called ‘Seesaw’ to share photos, videos and quick messages between yourself and Ms. MacDonald.

To stay connected monthly, you can schedule a 1:1 session with Ms. MacDonald (virtually) to ask questions, share ideas or show off your work.